Over 550 principals have taken part in the SLPP since 2007, and is expanding throughout Aotearoa

The Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme (SLPP) is one of the foundational programmes offered by our partner Springboard Trust. With more than 550 [ER1] principals taking part since 2007, EPIP is excited to be supporting further expansion of this work into all-new parts of Aotearoa in 2022.

What is SLPP?

SLPP is a programme that teaches principals the fundamentals of strategic leadership, supporting them as they create a vision and three-year strategic plan for their school. They develop an understanding of stakeholder engagement, how to lead and manage change, as well as key elements of implementing their plan over a three-year period.

As with nearly all of Springboard Trust’s work, principals do not do this alone. Through Springboard's unique cross-sector model, principals work with an expert volunteer from the public, private or philanthropic sectors. Called a Capacity Partner, these volunteers forge a trusting, rewarding relationship with the principal over the programme’s 10 months. These principal-Capacity Partner pairings join with up to five others in a cohort, all under the guidance of a volunteer facilitator and Springboard's own amazing team.

“The impact that it has had on me as a leader – it's the kind of learning you don’t forget”

Springboard Trust’s evaluation shows that SLPP has significant impacts for participating principals – on their ability to lead, influence, manage and transform a school and its wider community.

How EPIP is supporting SLPP

As mentioned above, more than 550 principals in Aotearoa have completed SLPP – but Springboard Trust wants to make sure every tumuaki in the country can benefit from it.

That’s why EPIP is a proud supporter of this programme, helping Springboard Trust to deliver SLPP in Taranaki, West Coast (South Island) and Otago in 2022. These are brand new regions for the organisation, and will give Springboard a presence in every major region in Aotearoa.

Their vision is Transforming Schools Together – and we hope to see that happen in every corner of our wonderful nation.


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